“Where to Eat, Right Now: The List”

BONDIR – Jason Bond’s tiny Cambridge spot is small on seating but huge on farm-to-table creativity—particularly when it comes to the vegetables grown on his own Concord farm.”

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“The Vegetable Superstar (Vegetabilis stellae)”

“At Bondir, chef Jason Bond takes entire heads of cabbage grown on his Concord farm, vacuum-compresses them with herbs and duck fat…”

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“The Nose-to-Tail Newcomer (Oves dolum baabaaicus)”

“Bondir: Whole roasted mutton leg, belly, heart, and liver, smoked rutabaga, bean-pot onion, caramelized sheep’s milk, dulse.”

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Jason Bond, Bondir

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Restaurant Preview: Upcoming Openings in Greater Boston

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“At first glance, it looks like just a baked potato. But let us reassure you that Rachel Miller’s salt-baked potato is anything but ordinary. The Southern transplant is the sous chef of Bondir, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is still acclimating to New England winters. She created her potato recipe as a panacea for cold nights …”

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With a promising investor dinner planned for tonight, Jason Bond, chef-owner of Bondir in Cambridge, is confident he’ll have what it takes (financially and otherwise) to open a second restaurant in Concord this summer.

“I think it’s going to work out,” said Bond in a conversation with Zagat. “That’s always good news.”

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Eater Boston

Wicked Local Concord

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by Molly Parr/ January 14, 2013

“Bondir, which Bon Appetit named one of the country’s ten best restaurants in 2011, has hired its first sous chef. I chatted with Rachel Miller about her sweet new gig, going from kosher vegetarian to expert animal slaughterer, and where to find a good local doughnut.”

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Bondir’s tiny kitchen welcomes its first sous-chef

Miller’s Time

By CASSANDRA LANDRY | November 27, 2012

“. . . When Jason Bond first opened Bondir’s heavy barn doors in November of 2010, his contemplative, cozy, daily-changing dishes made him an instant rock star with the food community. The 28-seat Cambridge dining room is perfectly intimate (so intimate that I always feel like I should help with the dishes after our meals there, and then share cinnamon-spiked port by the fire with the staff into the night), but in many ways, that first year was defined by solitude behind the scenes. Bond was the Lone Ranger of the kitchen range, and he came to realize he needed someone to share his vision for the little farmhouse-style spot on Broadway, across from the bodega and the body shops.

“So now Miller, at 24 years old, finds herself sharing the helm of one of the Boston area’s most in-demand restaurants, in a position that many young chefs would kill for …”

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April 16, 2012

By Harlene Ellin

DESIGN: Budget Beauty

With little money to spend on design, a chef turns a dreary space into a charming Cambridge eatery.

DINE: The Name is Bond

Chef Jason Bond is earning well-deserved accolades for his fresh and inventive American contemporary cuisine.

WINE: Old World Finds

Bondir spotlights the chef’s favorite food-friendly varietals from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Austria.

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